What Answers Do Laser Alignment Tools Provide?

Laser Shaft Alignment System

Laser alignment tools can help you make sure that two coupled shafts are perfectly aligned so that their center lines have a common axis. They work much better than trying to just use your eyes to line things up, and they also work better than traditional tools like straight edges. Lasers are so precise– they’re amazing.

So what are some answers that laser alignment tools provide users?

Precise Measurements

Laser alignment tools can measure things down to 0.001 mm. That fact alone should blow your mind! If you were using dial gauges, they’d drop a little which would affect the accuracy of the displayed value– not so with laser alignment tools.

Data Driven Decisions

Next, you can usually get PDF reports directly from your laser tool(s) indicating information like targets and tolerances– both before and after alignment. This useful info helps ensure the alignment has improved.

Machine Maintenance

If you’re wondering if you’ve got weak foundations (which can cause machines to be damaged thanks to vibrations), laser alignment tools can help you detect whether or not this is an issue.

User Features

For the process of measuring and correcting things, laser alignment tools help make the process disciplined, repeatable and accurate. No matter who uses the tools, the measurement results should always be the same. Meanwhile, with a wireless display unit, follow the machine movement with live values at points where the machine gets adjusted– a great feature, right?

Laser alignment tools not only help with improving alignment, but also measuring straightness and small shaft rotation thanks to error-free, high-resolution technology.

Laser Tool Alignment Leaders

If you want to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business/workplace when it comes to belt tension, roll alignment, pulley alignment, etc., then call Seiffert Industrial at 1-800-856-0129 and ask about solutions to whatever issues you’re having– Seiffert Industrial has a wide product selection for precision alignment applications.