What Happens If Your Belt is Misaligned?

Belt Misalignment If your company relies on heavy-duty industrial equipment that features a series of shafts and belts, it’s important for you to do routine maintenance on it. More specifically, you need to get into the habit of lubricating moving parts and making sure belts are aligned properly. If the belts in your machinery is misaligned, it could lead to all kinds of potential problems. Here are just a few of the consequences of misaligned belts.

Makes your machinery less efficient

Most industrial companies go to great lengths to make sure their equipment is operating as efficiently as possible. It ensures that everything inside of a facility runs smoothly. But your machinery won’t be as efficient as it can be if belts aren’t aligned properly.

Causes both pulleys and belts to wear out quickly

When belts aren’t aligned, it’ll cause them to wear out quicker than usual and force you to replace them. It’ll also cause the pulleys that hold the belts to wear out, too. This can drive your operational costs up and waste valuable time when your employees are constantly replacing belts and pulleys.

Forces your equipment to use more energy than it should

Have your energy costs skyrocketed in recent months and years? This could be a direct result of misaligned belts inside of your industrial equipment. When belts aren’t aligned, it’ll often cause equipment to consume more energy than it would otherwise. This will send your energy costs soaring and cost you a lot of money over time.

Increases the noise that equipment makes

Most industrial equipment makes a significant amount of noise. But if the belts in your equipment aren’t aligned, it can make your equipment even louder than usual. Aligning your belts will usually clear this problem up and allow you to make the noise levels in your industrial facility more comfortable.

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