What Is a Laser Alignment Tool?

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A laser alignment tool is a state-of-the-art measuring device that features two laser sensors mounted on two connected shafts for reliable analysis of your equipment. The laser sensors work simultaneously and receive the other sensors beam to see if the shafts are properly aligned. This alignment tool has become increasingly popular in the world of manufacturing in recent years and has helped companies save on a variety of expenses.  

What Laser Alignment Tools Do For Industrial Businesses

When it comes to dimensional analysis, laser alignment tools stand apart from their competitors. Laser alignment tools are ideal for test engineers and help ensure mechanical reliability for your business’ equipment. The laser beams on these alignment tools don’t adhere to the laws of gravity, don’t have bracket sag and make sure there are no coupling anomalies, giving your business a reliable dimensional analysis of equipment every time.

The Usefulness of Laser Alignment Tools

The dimensional analysis given by the laser alignment tool has many benefits, but none outweigh the ability to detect even the smallest misalignment of equipment. If equipment is misaligned it leads to coupling, energy losses, temperature fluctuations, bearing and seal failures and machinery vibration that will all damage your systems over time.

Finding a misalignment can help you avoid replacing expensive equipment and can lengthen the lifespan of your equipment for years to come. Laser alignment tools provided by a professional dealer will verify shaft co-linearity, reduce costly downtime and correct issues in both horizontal and vertical planes.


Laser alignment tools are on the cutting edge when it comes to dimensional analysis and misalignment issues, but that doesn’t mean that the tools are difficult to work with. Laser alignment tools are designed to be user friendly for test engineers and other employees at your business and there is no training required. The data given from these tools can be easily displayed on a tablet, PC or other display unit, allowing for instantaneous analysis and correction to be performed. Get maximum angular resolution, test multiple machines at once and get the most reliable readings for any tool with this technological marvel.

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