What Laser Technology Does for Belt Alignment

Laser Shaft Alignment System

Thank our lucky stars for laser technology– it has helped with belt alignment to make many machines work their best! If machinery was or is misaligned then you’d expect higher electricity bills, and that cuts into profits. But having proper alignment, thanks to laser technology? Well, that can actually save your company some money– up to 10% in energy costs, for instance.

Laser Technology Extends Service Lives

Laser technology helps belts stay so well aligned that their service life is extended. Lasers are so accurate that they enable your belts to work almost perfectly. When belts are aligned well, there’s less risk of overheating or secondary damage. Noise levels are reduced. Belts last longer (as do pulleys and bearings). Machines are available more often (less downtime) and have less serious breakdowns. All of this leads to a safer working environment and greater overall savings.

Laser Technology Help Prevent Misalignments

Keep in mind that transmissions with belts can be sensitive due to misalignments. Reduced efficiency can end up costing your company a lot of time and money. Misaligned belts also wear out quickly and then need to be replaced at your expense. Tension can become uneven over the entire width, and that’s not good. In the old days, alignment might have been done with people’s eyes– and that could be inaccurate. But the “laser focus” of laser devices? That’s putting technology to good use– lasers are like the sharpest eyes around. They can see in a way that humans cannot. 

Lasers are modern and mean you’ll need fewer spare parts for your machinery. You’ll use less energy. And you’ll have less unscheduled downtime. What’s not to like?

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