A Look at the RollCheck Green Laser Roll Alignment Tool

In a recent blog post, we explored the design and applications of one of our laser alignment tools – the Pulley Partner. These tools are great for maintaining pulley alignment and minimizing wear and tear on belt-driven components.

For other parts of your operation, however, you may need a different type of alignment tool.

That’s why we also offer the RollCheck Green tool to help businesses maintain proper roll alignment.

These tools have been used by operations in the printing, textile and food production industries, among others. Just about any type of equipment you can find that relies on rolls can be aligned with the RollCheck.

  • A Look at the RollCheck Green Laser Roll Alignment ToolPowered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the RollCheck Green offers up to 20 hours of continuous runtime.
  • It can be easily mounted to large rolls using flexible straps which are included with the RollCheck.
  • The tool’s two laser lines allow technicians to quickly and easily adjust both the vertical and horizontal alignment of adjacent rolls in your operation.
  • The RollCheck Green is less expensive than optical alignment tools, and faster and more accurate than tape measures.

Just like the Pulley Partner, the RollCheck can help to save your business money by preventing costly equipment failures caused by components falling out of alignment.

By virtue of its durable construction and precision laser transmitter, it can be used in a wide variety of different industrial applications.

To learn more about the RollCheck Green and its little brother, the RollCheck Mini, check out our video below!