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How Laser Technology Helped Find a Lost City

Laser Technology

Lasers have played a big part in the evolution of humans, and it seems new things are being made possible by lasers all the time. However, did you know that lasers are also benefiting those that lived hundreds of years ago by teaching us more about their existence? For generations now, those living near Johannesburg… Read more »

Recreating History with Lasers

As we know well here at Seiffert Industrial, lasers can shine a light on things that nothing else can reach. We offer plenty of tools here that aid in manufacturing and industrial processes by using lasers to measure a distance or check the alignment of machinery. Recently, we were intrigued by an entirely new technology… Read more »

Is the Empire’s Death Star A Reality?

Thirty-seven years after the world was first introduced to the Death Star in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and the universe’s most power laser is finally scheduled to be brought to fruition right here on planet Earth. The Death Star, or more formally, the High-Repetition-Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System (HAPLS), is being built… Read more »

Bomb-Detecting Lasers Makes the World a Safer Place

We live in an unpredictable and, at times, unsafe world. Americans, in particular, are desperate to feel safe. That is all we really want for our families and ourselves. With the escalating situation in Syria and the continued threat of terrorism (12 years after September 11th), chemical attacks and bombs are all over the headlines…. Read more »

Using Lasers to Control the Weather

We haven’t even neared the full potential and power of lasers. While we use them on a daily basis, specializing in laser alignment, we support their use in any industry, especially if it’s for man’s benefit. When you think of lasers, do you think of the weather as well? If not, perhaps you should… English… Read more »