What Answers Do Laser Alignment Tools Provide?

Laser alignment tools can help you make sure that two coupled shafts are perfectly aligned so that their center lines have a common axis. They work much better than trying to just use your eyes to line things up, and they also work better than traditional tools like straight edges. Lasers are so precise– they’re… Read more »

The Most Important Measurement Parts of a Laser Alignment System

What are some of the most important measurement parts of a laser alignment system? There are four parts you should know about: the laser transmitter, detector, brackets and software/display unit. Laser Transmitter First, consider the laser transmitter. Though it may look simple, a lot of hours went into its design so that it’s stable and… Read more »

Bearings and the Manufacturing Process

How are your bearings? If they’re the right kind of bearings for the machines and equipment you have, then hopefully things are running smoothly. When you have a smooth production process, then you have the potential for a profitable process. Ideally, you want to reduce production costs while improving productivity, right? Bearing selection matters. Bearings… Read more »

Use Downtime to Make Sure Machines Are Properly Aligned

What is downtime? It’s the time during which a machine is out of action or unavailable for use. It also means a time of reduced activity or inactivity. Companies don’t typically like having downtime because time is money, and downtime costs money. If you work in a building where there are machines, you know that… Read more »

Why Do Bearings Fail?

Industrial bearings reduce frictional forces between two moving parts by giving a surface something to roll on rather than slide over– they’re crucial for motion applications. Ideally, you want to get the most life out of your bearings, but there are several reasons bearings fail. What are some of those reasons? Not Enough or Too… Read more »