Frito-Lay Begins Training Its Own Maintenance Techs

Frito-Lay Begins Training Its Own Maintenance TechsIndustrial maintenance technicians are critical to manufacturing operations throughout the country. These are the folks who keep the gears turning in the machines we rely on to create all kinds of products—from electronics to home goods to food and beverages. But despite the importance of this position, there’s been a shortage of industrial maintenance technicians in recent years that has made it difficult for manufacturing companies to keep their operations running smoothly.

That’s why Frito-Lay is taking matters into its own hands and launching a work-study program to teach high school students about the industrial maintenance field.

Typically, industrial maintenance technicians require a specialized two-year degree to qualify for these positions. With this new work-study program, students will get both classroom instruction and hands-on training at Frito-Lay’s largest plant in Perry, Georgia. Upon completion of the program, the students will receive both high school elective credits and college credits from Central Georgia Technical College, giving them a head-start on their road to becoming full-fledged maintenance techs.

Upon completion of the program, students can interview for a spot in Frito-Lay’s apprenticeship program, which offers additional training and tuition-free education at the local technical college. By the time they finish the apprenticeship program, students are ready to embark on their new career in industrial maintenance.

Stories like this are an important reminder that industrial maintenance is as essential as it’s ever been. Here at Seiffert, we’re proud to provide these talented technicians with the tools they need to get the job done right. To learn more about any of the industrial maintenance products we offer, check out our digital pamphlets or give us a call today at our toll-free number to speak with a representative.