Lasers That Can Look through a 2-Centimeter Gap

Laser technology is making the world a safer place across many sectors, not just in our own field.

Scientists at the Harbin Institute of Technology have just created an application for lasers that can look through a 2-centimeter gap, like a keyhole, to map an entire room without being inside it.

8903839_SThis could potentially revolutionize firefighting, battlefield surveillance, and disaster recovery operations. The technology works by firing super-fast laser pulses through the gap at walls to create a 3D reflection of the area.

The idea comes from something out of a Sherlock Holmes novel, using a mirror to look around a corner. Only instead of a mirror, we’re now able to collect more detailed data by physically measuring distances between objects.

Cameras record the pulses in real time to build an image. The data is so accurate that it can record readings with a one-centimeter margin of error.

The prototype was able to measure three cardboard letters on a wall, spelling the word HIT.

The camera takes shots at a rate of 15 billion shots per second, fast enough to pick up on light reflections. What the laser is actually measuring is the amount of time it takes for the light to be picked up by the computer. The project is essentially measuring distance by measuring time.

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