New Advances in Laser-Based 3D Printers

New technology like 3D printers is changing the way a number of industries do business.

The impact that 3D printers will have on the world won’t truly be known until more people get their hands on them, but what we can say for sure is that lasers are helping to pave the way for this technology.

While there have been laser-based 3D printers in the past, a German company called TRUMPF is about to unveil a new line of them.

TRUMPF has been manufacturing lasers for many years, but recently that have become involved in the 3D printer industry.

The 3D printers they make take full advantage of two different types of laser technology. One of these is laser metal fusion, otherwise known as LMF, and the other is laser metal deposition, also known as LMD.

The company’s head of the laser department believes this new technology will revolutionize the current laser-based 3D printer landscape.

  • One of the unique things about their new 3D printers is that they are the only ones currently on the market that make use of both LMD and LMF technologies.

Most competitors are using one or the other. There are distinct differences between these two laser technologies, including the fact that LMD is used to create melted pools and to fuse together powder.

On the other hand, LMF is used to generate different parts on a layer by layer basis.

It’s exciting to see how useful lasers are in the 3D printing field, and we have a feeling that both lasers and 3D printers will be closely tied together in the coming years.