Recreating History with Lasers

As we know well here at Seiffert Industrial, lasers can shine a light on things that nothing else can reach. We offer plenty of tools here that aid in manufacturing and industrial processes by using lasers to measure a distance or check the alignment of machinery.

Recently, we were intrigued by an entirely new technology based on lasers that is helping archaeologists get views of historical treasures that they haven’t before seen. In the 2nd century AD, the Roman Segura bridge was built over the Erges River, connecting Spain to Portugal in the modern day. This bridge, which still stands, is a testament to farflung architectural wonders of the Roman Empire.

In Spain, researchers at the University of Vigo have announced that they’ve been able to reconstruct a perfect 3D representation of the Segura bridge, according to this article published by New Scientist. The research team was able to do this entirely using laser and radar imaging techniques, allowing them a close look at certain regions of the bridge that no one has ever witnessed due to concerns over disturbing the ancient bridge.

The scientists began the project by scanning a laser beam across the entire surface of the bridge. Computer programs capable of measuring the amount of time it takes for a laser beam to bounce back from a scanned object are able to use this laser data to create a computerized 3D model. Finally, the team used radar technologies to scan underneath the bridge and scan the bridge down to the base.

The project has already uncovered some intriguing finds, like the Renaissance-era engravings located underneath one of the arches of the bridge. Researchers are also applying this technology to another 80 historical sites found throughout Spain, hoping to uncover even more secrets from the past.

Seiffert Industrial loves the way that lasers are able to sharpen our view of the past. You can use the tools that we sell here to clear up the picture for your industrial or manufacturing facility as well. Browse our website to see what we can offer you.