The World’s Most Powerful Laser

Lasers are the most iconic form of science fiction ever created – everyone remembers watching the Death Star blow up Alderaan for the first time.

8668884_SThen again, considering just how quickly laser technology has been advancing, giant lasers aren’t exactly fiction anymore; they are more than just the dreams of mad scientists.

Not too long ago, back in 2013, there was a 50,000-watt laser that destroyed a drone.

This sent everyone into a tizzy, because the destruction of the drone ushered in a new era for laser technology.

It proved that lasers could utterly destroy things from far distances.

That technology has only improved in the two years since that drone’s obliteration and we can thank Japan and China for that.

According to Dave Gershgorn of Popular Science:

“Researchers at Osaka University in Japan are claiming to have successfully fired the world’s most powerful laser. The pulse only lasted for a trillionth of a second, but it dwarfs just about every other system on the planet: the Laser for Fast Ignition Experiments just fired a two-quadrillion watt laser.”

While the pulse was so short it shouldn’t even be registered as a blast, but the very fact that a trillionth of a second laser blast dwarfs everything on planet earth suggests that this technology is skyrocketing beyond our wildest expectations.

Just nearby in China, the People’s Liberation Army is making significant breakthroughs concerning laser weaponry. According to Chinese researchers, they are making claims that they are breaking the laser field’s bottleneck.

In addition, it seems that China has finally created its first dual-beam pulsed laser deposition system.

There are many advances being made all over the world when it comes to laser technology; we certainly live in exciting times – and will do everything in our power to help this wonderful technology advance even farther.