The Use of Lasers in Biology

Over the course of the last decade, enormous strides in laser technology have catapulted these marvelous tools out of the science fiction section and into our homes and workplaces. Every day people are using lasers in creative new ways. They’re used to listen to music and watch movies, to take complex measurements, and even to… Read more »

The Use of Lasers in Hollywood

There are few more powerful and accurate tools in our society than the laser. Shooting a straight beam of pure energy, lasers have many practical applications in our world. Not surprisingly, the unique nature of lasers have also made them a favorite prop on movie sets for some of the most suspenseful and unique film… Read more »

Laser Uses in Archaeology

Happy 2014 from the professionals at Seiffert Industrial! Lasers had quite a 2013, especially leading up to 2014, as they led the charge in the cosmos in terms of space travel and defending against asteroids. Advancements were made in terms of bomb detection. The dream of every mad scientist came true when it was realized… Read more »

Using Lasers to Travel Through Space

Oscar Wilde famously wrote, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Most of us are familiar with that quote. It has almost become a cliché, but clichés are usually correct. Wilde’s quote, in particular, is correct. We have all been there, contemplating our lives while under a… Read more »

In the Future, Lasers Will Battle Asteroids

At Seiffert Industrial, as you are all aware, we take the development of laser technology very seriously and it brings smiles to our faces when a news story hits the web detailing an exciting development. This one may save us from mass extinction. Although bleak, many are obsessed with the end of the world and… Read more »