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If you believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be downright priceless. Here on our blog, we do our best to accurately describe the unique virtues of our various laser alignment tools. If you’re still curious about how any of our products work, however, you may be interested to… Read more »

Why We Choose Laser Line Systems

In heavily-automated industrial settings, precision and attention to detail are imperatives. When machinery isn’t properly maintained and components are allowed to fall out of alignment, equipment can suffer from breakdowns which can cost businesses thousands of dollars in lost labor and repairs. Likewise, it makes sense to invest in the best possible tools to keep… Read more »

Proper Alignment Protects Your Pulley Systems

The pulley systems in your belt-driven equipment work hard to keep your operation running smoothly. These simple machines sometimes spend hours spinning at high RPMs, efficiently transferring power to the drive systems that make a variety of industrial processes possible. When pulleys fail, the whole operation can come to a grinding halt. These equipment failures… Read more »

Anatomy of the Pulley Partner

We know how important proper pulley alignment is to your operation. Aligning the pulleys in your equipment will minimize vibration, and consequently reduce wear on components such as belts and bearings. This can help you to avoid unscheduled downtime and ensure that your equipment works reliably. Unfortunately, traditional methods of alignment like straight edges and… Read more »

United States Navy Debuts New Laser Weapons System

Just about every industry finds new uses for laser technology each year, including the military. The Navy specifically has outfitted one of their ships, the USS Ponce, with a new laser weapon. This laser gun was first installed on the ship last summer, and it has been operational for several months. The ship is currently… Read more »