New Use Found for Tattoo Removal Laser

There are many uses for lasers and while they may not always be relevant to your industry, learning about the latest innovations in the field is still a good idea. In fact, people are discovering new uses for existing laser technology all of the time. Take the lasers that are typically used for tattoo removal…. Read more »

When is Precision Alignment Too Much?

In the world of shaft alignment and precision alignment, there is also something known as a shaft alignment tolerance. That is the minimal allowed amount of misalignment. This is because in a world where alignment is important, it is only crucial so long as it is close in alignment. It all has to do with… Read more »

Laser Measurements of the Earth’s Forests

When it comes to laser alignment and even just alignment tools in general, measurements are the most important component. They are what decide everything for proper and accurate aligning. So what happens to measurements when you are taking a laser far more massive than anything the average human might use, and measure something far more… Read more »

More Car Mechanics to Use Laser Alignment Technologies

As any visitor to the Seiffert Industrial website can see, we offer a long line of laser alignment products for a wide degree of industrial applications. We’ve discussed some of the uses of borescopes, pulley alignment tools and more here on our blog. We always love hearing about new innovations using laser technology, often major… Read more »

Is the Empire’s Death Star A Reality?

Thirty-seven years after the world was first introduced to the Death Star in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and the universe’s most power laser is finally scheduled to be brought to fruition right here on planet Earth. The Death Star, or more formally, the High-Repetition-Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System (HAPLS), is being built… Read more »